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    Post by JazzyJ on Wed Dec 06, 2017 12:31 pm

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    Within both the upper and lower classes, there’s a guise of equality between men and women. There are no reasons in theory why men and women can’t hold the same jobs and positions. There are no reasons why both genders can’t hold land. So, by the books, there ARE no reasons why all of the above. Of course, in reality there are a lot of reasons why this doesn’t work out. Bullying, traditions, and both political and social keep both men and women out of certain organizations.

    Within the nobility, it is unladylike for a woman to join the military in any capacity. While they aren’t expected to drop everything and have babies, they are expected to be the matriarch of their homes once they have a home of their own. They are in charge of the day to day running of the house, the finances, and the kids. Usually, that’s easily dealt with by hiring people. With all that settled, it would be downright strange if a noblewoman didn’t have a life outside the home, especially if they have magic. Noblemen are expected to be authoritative, and tend to take positions where they make, analyze, and or assert the laws. At home they are supposed to protect their families, though the expectation of authoritiveness (is that a word?) isn’t held up so much in their personal lives. All of this, however, assumes that the man or the woman isn’t going to be assuming some hereditary position, or if they ARE expected to, that they leave their “frivolities” to do their duty.

    With the lower classes, it’s a little simpler: if you can do the job, you’re hired. However, since men tend to be bigger and stronger, they tend to get hired more for the physical labor jobs, while women tend to get hired more as shop workers or home keepers.
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