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    Post by JazzyJ on Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:24 pm

    What's your (first) name?
    What's your character's name?
    What is your character's social class? (Aristocrat? Merchant? Student? Housekeeper? Rebel?)
    Tell us a bit about your character?

    And lastly, maybe a picture?

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    Post by Llena on Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:10 pm

    Hey, my name's Elena. Nice to meet the like, 2 of you I don't know.

    Player Characters 21j1ug11
    (Source: http://

    Anku Llancay

    (Quechua: Anku , "Elastic, resilient";  Llancay, "work")

    The head master after his father's passing of the Campaneros Llancay, a bell-maker's shop in Areloma's capital. He is unusually young (being only 29), his father having passed from an unfortunate pox before his time.

    The Llancay family have been bell-makers since before the conquest, originally working in the only smelted metal on the continent: gold. Since the conquest, they have worked mainly on so called campanas místicas—bells suitable for magic and enchantment, made not only of gold, but iron, tin, and whatever metal their patrons request. Each bell is a work of art, meticulously forged and engraved with both mystical and mundane symbology. They are the only such bell-makers in the country, and even the Emperor himself has been the recipient of one of their bells as a gift of the local Magocracy.

    Anku is a handsome young man with well-defined arms for bell-forging and nimble fingers for engraving. He is a little conflicted about his role in continuing the Magocracy's rule of Areloma, but ultimately believes that his family is doing what they can to survive and thrive under foreign rule. He has an unfortunate snobbish streak against most of his fellow Xohulu, although he is slowly growing aware that not all people are fortunate enough to have inherited such a good trade.

    Anku is also very aware of his duties as master of the bell-shop. Although he has been aware that his passions do not extend towards women since he was young, he is determined to sire heirs as the only child of his father. He is to marry an artisan's daughter, Paqar, with the understanding between them both that the union is for the purposes of having children. The two have been good friends for many years, and long ago confided in one another their desires—or in Paqar's case, lack thereof.

    The bell-shop itself houses 3 permanent employees, including Anku, for detailed work, and two for unskilled labor. Anku's apprentices, Killa (woman) and Waman (man) previously worked under his father. Since bell-making is such a specific art, with no need for another bell-shop in the country, apprentices to the shop concentrate in one of two areas that will transfer to other metalwork: Killa works in smelting, while Waman works in engraving. Waman is somewhat resentful of Anku, as his new master is barely a year older than him. Killa is more accepting, but still is highly critical of Anku's abilities.

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    Post by SamHarr on Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:57 pm

    Howdy, y'all. It's Sam.
    And below, you see Pidru.
    Pidru is the son of a native-born magocrat named Atac, whose ordeals in the Academy allowed Pidru to grow up in a lushly middle-income household. Pidru himself had no magical talent and no interest in the menial skilled trades that were presented before him to learn. No, the only thing that took Pidru's interest was Clubs, a sport in which two teams of men with clubs beat on one another in order to advance the team leader into the enemy's base. Imagine capture the flag mixed with football mixed with blunt weapons. People die in this game, and nobody ever has a rich, full life after a few years of senseless beatings.

    Pidru is one of those Clubbers that people actually talk about. Maybe not Michael Jordan, but at least a Scotty Pippin. He enjoys the perks of fame and fortune, but deep down he knows his days are numbered. The armor he wears wears him down, but it helps keep up his image.

    Player Characters 56a24610

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    Post by CharismaticMegafauna on Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:20 am

    Player Characters Pathfi11
    Yarr, this be Kaye. And Dain. Props if you know where "Bill Door" comes from.

    Dainen Gilavai comes from an old noble family, the eldest son and heir apparent to the Gilavai lands.  His family and their allies kept close watch on the ebb and flow of politics in Areloma, wasting no opportunity to further their positions of power among the Magocracy. As such, he was raised--groomed, rather--to be nothing less than perfect. He was given nothing but the best tutors in various fields of study, with each hour of his life neatly planned out for him. It was a disappointment to his parents to discover that he had no magical aptitude, and only made them push Dain harder to be beyond reproach. As, it was more or less hinted at, a future Emperor ought to be, should they play their cards right.

    Though he did sometimes bristle at the life that had been planned for him,  nothing would have changed if not for his valet, Fergus. The two were romantically involved, the affair kept secret from even their families. Fergus showed Dain life outside the walls of his estate, helped him learn to relax and enjoy himself without constantly looking over his shoulder. Fergus taught Dain how to relax, and just enjoy himself. During this time Dain grew a spine, to but it bluntly. He became more stubborn, resisting his family's pressure, and trying to figure out what a life of his own would look like.

    Their happiness was short-lived when Dain's parents discovered the affair. Fergus was dismissed immediately, and reportedly paid for his silence. Dain has had no luck finding Fergus since then, and worries that something more sinister had happened to his lover. All Dain's loneliness and frustration came to a head when he left the estate at last, warning that if anyone tried to bring him back, he would reveal the affair to the rest of the aristocracy, ruining both his and his family's carefully honed reputation. So far the threat seems to have worked while he struggles to build a life for himself. Having never learned a trade or held a job, Dain is quickly finding that being independent is pretty damn hard.

    For the time being, he works at a tavern, under the unassuming name of "Bill Door". It's hard to mess up pouring drinks. He's still getting the hang of cleaning the tables, though.

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    Post by Cionie on Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:30 pm

    Player Characters Img_2011

    Alessandra Gilavai - Sorceress

    Hey oh! This is Lizzie, and I'm introducing the younger, yet considerably more ambitious, sister to Dain Gilavai.

    Growing up, Alessandra idolized her brother, as her parents obviously did. She was taught from an early age that her brother could be the next emperor, and taking note from her parents, she saw him as someone to aspire to.

    Dain was not blessed with magic, but Alessandra was. When her abilities manifested, it was one of the most hopeful days of her life. She wanted to be everything her brother was, and more. Perhaps with this development, she'd also be blessed with her parent's ambition. She was ready to take on the burden that Dain had been carrying since they were young, but it wasn't to be. Despite her magical prowess, their parents remained uninterested in Alessandra's potential outside of her ability to support her brother's greatness. She was the second, the "Plan B." She was sent off to the Academy to be trained properly, and also to make as many noble connections for her brother as she could. Alessandra's budding hope for power was smothered, and she tried her best to remain the dutiful daughter and carry out her parent's wishes, for the sake of Dain's success.

    When she learned, as her parents did, of her brother's unseemly affair, those hopes waxed. Though she felt guilty to admit it, perhaps this was just the blunder she needed for her parents to see that she was obviously the better choice. Surely, with Dain's lack of magical talent and unsightly fancies, her own accomplishments would shine? Once again, her ambitions were dashed, as her parents continued to try and make Dain work for them. Through her schooling, Alessandra's own wish for power, and resentment, grew.

    Finally, her brother left the family, and the aristocracy, behind. Of his own volition, no doubt. In a flash Alessandra was pulled out of the Academy, given the best private tutors, and she was finally the family's focus, as her younger self had always wanted. It did not manifest as she had dreamed though, and Dain's missteps left her parents more controlling than ever. Despite her talent, her knowledge, her political and social prowess, nothing Alessandra did ever seemed to satisfy them. They continued to compare her to Dain. After all. Alessandra was not their first pick. She was nothing more than "Plan B."

    Alessandra dreams of becoming Empress someday. She is not unkind, nor unsympathetic, though she is, above all, an opportunist. It is in her best interest, at this time, to keep her distance from her brother, though she seems unable to cut ties from him completely.  She looks down on him, and resents him, though she does worry for his well-being.

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